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payever Statistics

Accurate data to fuel your business.

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payever Statistics

Discover all the insights of your business without a single line of code. Identify your perfect customer and growthhack your sales.

Detailed segmentation

Group customers based on their purchase behaviour , lifetime value, transaction volume, country, products they chose and many more.

Multiple sources

Choose the sourses to collect data from - have the general statistics for all your stores, shop systems and apps in a single dashboard.

Abandoned carts

Connect your statistics with marketing and reduce the number of abandoned carts with the personalized emails.

Automated integration

Integrate the statistics app easily to any of your existing shop systems or online stores and start making data-drive business decisions today.

Apps statistics

Analyze apps one by one.

The most personalized tool ever: choose the metrics to analyze and add them in a form of intuitive widgets. Monitor the data for each of your stores, apps and shopsystems with individually set up rules. Easy and intelligent.

Apps Statistics

Easy integration.

Whether you have your whole business running with payever, or just few apps, or even if you want to build your store with another shopsystem, payever statistics integrates perfectly to help you understand what's going on in your business and boost your sales.

Custom dashboard.

Select the widgets that fit your business. Customize your statistics dashboard for your store, another shopsystem, or any other of the payever apps and get relevant information by selecting what data you want to measure, and improve your sales.

Statistics by app.

Get specific statistics for any of your payever apps. Measure your store sales and traffic, learn how your marketing works out or get the data you need for your customers. Each of the payever apps come with the separate metrics, all managed from a single dashboard.

Advance segmentation

Meet the widgets.

Explore the world of data with universal and multi-tasked widgets to cover all your business needs and test new business models.

  • Products

    Optimize every part of your business with the data on best sold products, sales by category and item leftovers.

    Statistics Products widgets
  • Contacts

    Apply a personalized approach, knowing who your customers are, how much do they buy and how long do they surf your store.

    Statistics Contacts widgets
  • Transactions

    Count your money with the data on total transaction volume, orders, refunded payments, sales by country and abandonment rate.

    Statistics Transactions widgets
  • Payments

    Monitor the statistics on all the payments conducted in your store to define your perfect business strategy.

    Statistics Payments widgets

Funnel analytics

Transaction volume per each app.

Choose one, two, three or all shops or apps to measure your sales and growth. And build your further strategy based on numbers, not suggestions.

Statistics Funnel analytics

Choose channels

Monitor statistics for a single or all the payever stores in your account, and compare easily how your businesses work for you.

Set up date ranges

Define the period you would like to track to see the changes in revenue due to changes in marketing and sales you perform.

Track your business. In detail.

Get started